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What platform is best for you??

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, and LinkedIn. These are the main platforms we use on the daily. Either in our personal lives or with our businesses. But which one is perfect for you company, customers, and brand?

Lets say you're a new photographer.. of course most of your posting time will be on Instagram. Right? But what if you have a product you want your audience to engage with, and learn more about? Then what platform(s) should you choose? I have put together a list and short descriptions from my point of view which one is best for you.


Facebook: Businesses that want to engage with your audience directly and show your services/products. On Facebook you can post, comment, and share. This. gives you multiple ways to engage with potential customers. Facebook also allows you to post clickable links that can start your customers journey. One post on facebook can lead to something amazing.

Instagram: Photos tell stories that words cant explain. This is the business concept of Instagram. Tell your company and product story through photos. On instagram clients can comment and inbox you, this is your only "business to customer" communication . But the best part about Instagram is grabbing potential clients attention through photos.

Twitter: Tweeting can fun for established businesses that already have a following and branding. This platform is for keeping your audience constantly up-to-date about the company. You can talk directly to your audience. Make sure your "copywriting" is great and entertaining on this platform.

TikTok: Let me be honest here. I don't really recommend this platform, unless, your product is for teenagers and adolescents. This is mainly their platform. So if you have a gaming service I think this platform is great.

YouTube: Youtube is great for two main reasons: It's the second largest search engine in the world, and great well orchestrated video is probably the best way to get your service and product out there. People are seeing "YOU", and that builds trust. You also create a steady following, and can start your customers journey directly from this platform on posts, like Facebook.

LinkedIn: I like LinkedIn, its a great platform for B2B( Business to Business ). Just a lot of professional adults looking to get stuff done. So if you have a business and want to meet other business owners, or network within your industry, LinkedIn is perfect!

This is my small take away from all the platforms. Still confused about which one to pick, then contact Soul Connection Marketing and we can help you with the right choice to get your business to a great start.


**Take time to research and define your target audience. Their ages, gender, ethnicity, and the level of necessity for your service/product. This will help in a great way as you move forward.

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